Friday, September 6, 2013

Will Vin Diesel's Riddick Be A Box Office Hit This Weekend Despite Mixed Reviews?

Vin Diesel could land himself another box office hit as his new film Riddick debuts in cinemas in the US this weekend.

The new flick from writer/director David Twohy (the writer being Harrison Ford classic The Fugitive) is a sequel to 2004 hit The Chronicles of Riddick.

This time fans will see anti-hero Diesel, who first appeared as Riddick in the 2000 film Pitch Black, in a fight against alien predators to save his home planet.

Despite mixed reviews the film is set to become a box office hit according to pre release figures in the States. The Los Angeles Times state that the sequel will likely launch with $23 million. But some industry experts are aiming higher with as much as $30 million for it's opening weekend.

The cult status of Pitch Black and Chronicles will surely help pull in the punters as will the fact that it's a slow weekend for new movies in the US, so there's not much competition for Vin and co.

Vin Diesel is back as Riddick (Apega/WENN)
The box office predictions come amid mixed reviews for the action thriller with The Hollywood Reporter's Justin Lowe writing this week that "the latest installment feels tentative even at a flabby 120 minutes, more like a placeholder that barely advances the considerable Riddick mythology."

Variety's Scott Foundas has praised the film's leading man though, saying he "cuts a most imposing figure, surprisingly lithe despite his bulk, and with an acerbic wit that keeps things light without ever approaching the cutesy...the camera unmistakably loves him—and judging from the cheers that erupted at the screening attended, from the mere presence of his name in the opening credits, so does the audience."

Riddick is in UK cinemas now and hits the US on Friday September 6.

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