Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LIVE UPDATES: Melvin & Beverly Return To Nigeria (ALL The Photos) #BBATheChase 

First pic of Melvin @Murtala Mohammed Lagos Airport tonight

First pic of Bev when she landed

Our BBA king and queen are expected home tonight - Melvin & Beverly.Here are pictures of the crowd waiting for them at the airport.
so muchhh love ...
A fan on ground says they still aint out yet! There's security everywhere!! Fans are too much.....No space in d Airport - Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos!!

Keep refreshing for more pictures. This is happening live.

Melvin and Beverly are IN Nigeria right now!!

It was crazy at the airport. Security peeps were shielding Melvin from fans AND family. Beverly was in tears. Melvincame out and a thousand and 1 people started singing 'Ruby Ruby Ruby'.
As soon as Melvin & Beverly were guided to their vehicle, the crowd mobbed Uti.

Beverly's mum pushed her way through the crowd & entered the same vehicle with Bev & Mel. Nobody could say shii, *lol*
Bev couldn't stop gisting her mum inside d car .

The crowd is pissed at IK, they can't stop blaming him...

More pics below

Bev reunites with best friend Charity

Bev's mum & her best friend Charity

Uche Gulder Ultimate Search winner the year Melvin came second with some teammelvin


Melvin's dad

Melvin's brother

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