Friday, August 23, 2013

Actress Ini Edo Feels She's gonna Be Kicked Out

When Ini Edo’s husband traveled out months back and left her behind in Nigeria to “do her thing” many didn’t suspect anything was wrong as it is not unusual for a husband to leave his wife behind to attend to some business issues and return home.

But days turned into weeks, her husband didn’t return; weeks have turned into months now and it’s obvious Ini Edo can no longer hide her pains again….

According to a source, she has been complaining secretly to a few friends about her husband’s fight with her. She has done all she could to make him “forgive me even if I’m wrong” but it seems her efforts are not really working as she had expected. And it’s getting bad.

Another source gathered that the major issue is Ini Edo’s inability to get pregnant and give her husband a child after three years of marriage. It is said that the man was advised against marrying her due to her “past” but he ignored the warning all because he wanted to marry a celebrity.

Anyway, the home front is no longer at peace and the man is not even coming home to touch his wife so they could try for a pregnancy.

Some say he may be planning to send her out… But is that the best solution?

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