Friday, August 30, 2013

Nollywood Actress, Uchenna Nnanna Involved in an Accident.

Nollywood actress, Uchenna Nnanna was involved in a ghastly accident on Thursday while driving.
She was on her way back from the airport after dropping off her sister. Due to the heavy rain that fell, the tyres of her car slipped which led to her losing control and having a coalition with the car in front of her.Her car was damaged but she is said to have sustained minor injuries.

Beverly Osu's Comment About Sleeping With Angelo, AfroCandy’s Movie Offer

BBA Contestant, Beverly Osu in a recent interview turned down Nigerian soft-Porn star, Afrocandy generous offer to feature in her next movie.

Read what she said below

On Angelo’s supposed girlfriend Candice

I don’t want to talk about his so called girlfriend cos I don’t know anything about her.

If she had sex with Angelo in the house?
I did not have sex with Angelo. I loved him and I still love him. I would get married to Angelo if I had the chance!
And when asked about the bathtub scene with the South African, she insisted, ‘I’ll still say nothing happened between me and Angelo‘.

What exactly was your strategy? Was it to say it all?
I talk a lot. My strategy was nothing. I just went with the flow

On Afrocandy generous offer to feature her in one of her Porn movie
Afrocandy nibo? No oooo…..Thanks for the offer but NO!

About her plans for tomorrow

I’ll continue with my online reality show ‘Beverly Says’ and I’ll finish school…That’s what important now!

“I Have Never Enjoyed A Good Ass Orgasm Till I Meet A Vibrator” – Daughter Of Former Oyo Governor, Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo, the 49-year-old daughter of former Oyo governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo is known to make controversial statements and outburst.

In her recent post on facebook she opens up saying no man’s man-hood can really satisfy her sexually so she has settled for a different kind of joystick.

See facebook post below

What do you think of her recent post?

Yvonne Jegede is back! Releases hot new photos...

Sexy dark skinned Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede, who left the scene in 2007 to study International Relations in Cyprus is back to the screen. Yvonne, who was one of the chicks in 2face Idibia's African Queen video, has been spotted on movie locations since her return to Nigeria.

She released these hot new photos to celebrate her birthday a few days ago. More pics after the cut...

Photos: All the exotic cars late Prophet Ajanaku left behind

Prophet Ireti Ijanaku, the late General Overseer of Christ Revival Victory Chapel International who was officially confirmed dead on Thursday August 22nd left 10 exotic cars behind when he passed. Some of them pictured above. The man of God, who was extremely rich, also left behind an all-white mansion located at Ipaja in Lagos. See more of his cars and what he said about acquiring exotic cars after the cut...


Prophet Ajanaku to City People before he died...


"A lot of people who know me believe I don't have a life and I am mysterious. That is why I decided I would also have a hobby which is my love for exotic cars. I did that purposely so that everyone will be convinced I also have good taste like every other person. The kind of nature I have doesn't value anything. So my love for cars is intentional. It is not a crime to drive exotic cars.

Davido customizes his Rolex watch with diamonds

#LifeofDavido! :-). The Skelewu crooner is currently in the US to perform some shows and of course attend his sister's wedding holding this weekend in Miami. While there, he decided to put diamonds in his Rolex watch. A watch like his is worth about $20/30, 000 + diamonds? = Wow! 

See full pic after the cut..

See How This Jealous Girlfriend Disfigured Her Boyfriend Over Nothing (Photo)

A 19-year-old female student of the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, simply identified as Yetunde, is cooling off in the custody of the state Police command, Osogbo, for allegedly pouring hot water on her boyfriend, Niyi Adelana.
All because Niyi her boyfriend had invited other girls and failed to give her adequate attention during his birthday party.

Reports say Niyi celebrated his birthday last Saturday and had invited some of his friends mostly ladies to his birthday party, a situation that did not go down well with his girlfriend, Yetunde.
However, when the party ended, Niyi made attempts to pacify his lover (Yetunde) but the angry girl was furious and instead drenched him with a pot of boiled water.
The agonized boy screamed and this drew the attention of other students in the hostel to the scene.
The incident took another unfortunate dimension as Niyi’s ailing father; Pa Adelana who was receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State reportedly gave up the ghost immediately he received the news that his son was bathed with hot water.

Police sources confirmed the story and say investigation is on.
When contacted, the Media Relations Officer of the institution, Mr. Tope Abiola said that the management could not do anything about the incident because it took place outside the campus of the institution .
He said:

“It’s very unfortunate and we sympathize with the victim and his parents.
“It’s a criminal act; the school does not have power over it. It all happened in Iree town, so, there is nothing the school can do about it. “Notwithstanding, we urge the law enforcement agency to investigate the matter.”

Paul PSquare Shows Off His 4 Packs...

That's four packs, right? *hehhe*

Beverly & Melvin On Jara TV Show Today (Photos)

The look on Helen's face... hilarious.
Beverly and Melvin were interviewed today by Jara TV show hosts Uti and Helen Paul .

I don’t have anybody in my life[woman] - Ruggedman

Here's what Ruggedman told Vanguard about his love life.

You seem not to be the romantic type?

Says who? I am very romantic when I’m with the right woman. Just like love and marriage, romance isn’t something I throw around.
I remember one St. Valentine’s day. I went to see my Val but I didn’t meet her at home. I tied a rose (a real one not plastic) to her door and wrote my initials on a paper. When she returned and saw it, she knew I was the one who put it there.

The incident that made me put my romance in check happened years ago too on another St. Valentine’s day.
I bought loads of gifts and fifteen cards because I don’t like getting just one. I even booked an hotel room for dinner and all. All she did was say “you shouldn’t have done all these!” She didn’t even bring me a card.
After that, I put a leash on my romance. She has to be worth it before I show her that side of me.

Can’t imagine a girl doing that to almighty Ruggedman.

No. At that time, it was just the start of my career. I hadn’t even recorded Baraje.

So how do you feel having experienced the other side of love?

I learnt that life goes on no matter what, and you need to know who you do things for.

Does that mean you don’t have anyone in your life?

Right now I don’t have anybody in my life. It’s been my work and me for a while now. Although it feels somehow sometimes, especially when I see couples out and about .
But I find solace with the thought that the right person is out there for me.

So it means wedding bells isn’t ringing any time soon?

I guess so but I’m very happy it’s ringing for others and I pray their union stands the test of time.

But is it so hard to find the right woman?

I guess it is sometimes especially now that vanity rules. You find it hard knowing she is with you for you or your status.I

It’s like you’ve really had hard times with ladies.

Not at all, the ladies love me and I love them right back. It’s getting the right one for me that’s the issue. A while ago, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe looked at me and said “Rugged, it’s not a curse but before you find a babe for you, it will be difficult.” She said I’m a fine man, successful artiste and so, women will come and it will be hard to know who is who. Now I understand what she meant but God is in control.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Afrocandy Offers Beverly Osu A Role In Her New Movie

LWKMH.....Afrocandy says if Bev could do it infront of all, then she can do her movie. Hope Beverly replies her....LOL

See OJB Jezreel On His Hospital Bed In India

He needs our prayers, guys.
OJB is now in India, all is set for his kidney transplant.

LIVE UPDATES: Melvin & Beverly Return To Nigeria (ALL The Photos) #BBATheChase 

First pic of Melvin @Murtala Mohammed Lagos Airport tonight

First pic of Bev when she landed

Our BBA king and queen are expected home tonight - Melvin & Beverly.Here are pictures of the crowd waiting for them at the airport.
so muchhh love ...
A fan on ground says they still aint out yet! There's security everywhere!! Fans are too much.....No space in d Airport - Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos!!

Keep refreshing for more pictures. This is happening live.

Melvin and Beverly are IN Nigeria right now!!

It was crazy at the airport. Security peeps were shielding Melvin from fans AND family. Beverly was in tears. Melvincame out and a thousand and 1 people started singing 'Ruby Ruby Ruby'.
As soon as Melvin & Beverly were guided to their vehicle, the crowd mobbed Uti.

Beverly's mum pushed her way through the crowd & entered the same vehicle with Bev & Mel. Nobody could say shii, *lol*
Bev couldn't stop gisting her mum inside d car .

The crowd is pissed at IK, they can't stop blaming him...

More pics below

Bev reunites with best friend Charity

Bev's mum & her best friend Charity

Uche Gulder Ultimate Search winner the year Melvin came second with some teammelvin


Melvin's dad

Melvin's brother

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