Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jay-Z: Did He Diss Kanye West On Twitter?

Jay-Z used Twitter to reveal why Kanye wasn’t featured on his new album, ‘Magna Carta… Holy Grail,’ and it feels like a total diss! Do you agree?

We were surprised to see that Jay-Z has been dissing Miley Cyrus left and right, specifically for her twerking obsession. But we were shocked to see the legendary rapper allegedly diss his best friend Kanye West on Twitter as well.

Jay-Z: Kanye West Twitter Diss? — Why Yeezy Wasn’t Featured On MCHG

Jay-Z, 43, received the following tweet during a question-and-answer session with fans July 8: “Hov! Is there any reason why Kanye didn’t get featured on the album? #MCHG”

“Same question back to you on Yeezus? WTT2?,” Jay-Z tweeted back. Ouch!

Jay-Z appears to be completely bitter that he wasn’t featured on Kanye’s album Yeezus. Could that be why he left Kanye, 36, off his new album?

On the other hand, perhaps Jay-Z is noting that they both held off on featuring each other on their own albums so that fans would have to wait until Watch The Throne 2 to hear them together again. What do you think?
Jay-Z Disses Kanye West? Fans Respond On Twitter

Following Jay-Z’s alleged Twitter diss, one reader wrote, “SHOTS FIRED.” Another said, “DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.”

We predict Kanye will be tweeting a response, like Miley Cyrus has, any minute.
Jay-Z Used Twitter To Diss Other Musicians

Not only did Jay-Z allegedly diss Yeezy, but he took a stab at Miley on Twitter (more than once) and dissed her on his new album.

Jay-Z said Miley “represents an old worlds worst nightmare,” poking fun of her obsession with twerking.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Jay-Z dissing Kanye? Should he stop dissing celebs on Twitter?

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