Thursday, June 13, 2013

RIOT IN UNIUYO - 3 University Of Uyo Students Killed By Police

The University of Uyo resumes second semester only to spring surprises to the faculty of science students that their lecture venue has been moved to the University's permanent site.

By this, The science faculty students that stayed in school hostel were thrown out of the school hostel.

The school bus that would have served as an alternative means of transportation for students staying off campus but the school authority said that each student has to pay hundred naira before using the school bus that was free.

The students were furious, and protested., there by blocked the Ikot Ekpene road.

Due to this, the police came to calm the situation only to join hands with the security officials in the school to inflict more pain and 3 students has been shot down dead, and there have been duel of gunshot around the University Town Campus for hours now..

At this the student now took laws into their hands by burning down the VC's office, the Registrar's Office and one of the hostels...

An interview with a security officer by 'Planet FM' says that it was the Police that miss fired and said that they are not ready to take responsibility of the action.

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