Monday, June 3, 2013

Nigeria Must Drive West Africa’s Development – Ghana’s President

Ghana’s President, Mr John Dramani Mahama in an exclusive interview with Channels Television’s Network Africa, has stated that Nigeria must quickly assume the responsibility to develop the economy of the West African sub-region.

Likening the Africa’s most populous nation to Japan, Mr Mahama urged Nigeria to be the ‘driver’ and drive the sub-region’s economy with its massive economy and market just as Japan did for Asia.

“Nigeria has a huge population and its role in West Africa, gives it a certain leadership that it must take on to itself, to drive the whole of the sub-region along.”

The President expressed his displeasure at closure of Nigeria’s market to the imports from the sub-region saying textiles produced in Ghana cannot be imported in Nigeria.

“Nigeria has nothing to fear from Ghana” he quipped, adding that Nigeria needs to open-up its economy and allow imports from Ghana.

He also spoke about an on-going review of arcade market law that led to the controversial expulsion of some Nigerian businesses from Ghana in 2012.

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