Saturday, June 29, 2013

Michael Jackson's Intimate Family Home Videos Leaked

In light of the Paris Jackson suicide attempt and the Jackson family's ongoing lawsuit against AEG, so much Jackson information is surfacing.

Last week, we saw eerie photos from inside Michael Jackson’s bedroom, but today, we have slightly more uplifting news.

Prince Jackson recently testified against AEG and Conrad Murray during the trial and began his testimony by showing jurors 15 minutes of private home videos from when they were kids.

So far, this one video clip of the family at Christmas has surfaced online and it’s the sweetest, saddest, most heartbreaking video we’ve ever seen.

Michael filmed his kids on Christmas day, talking about the meaning of Christmas and what the kids wanted to be when they grew up.

The boys all wanted to be “movie directors,” except Paris who wanted to “help the poor” and “do gymnastics.”

It’s the cutest video we’ve ever seen. In one video, Paris is about seven years old and Prince Michael looks to be about nine. Even with the craziness of being a Jackson child, these kids appear so normal and well-adjusted.

Watch the video HERE:

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