Friday, June 7, 2013

INSECURITY: India warns citizens not to travel to Nigeria

India has joined countries likes the US, Canada, Taiwan to issue a travel warning to its nationals in Nigeria.

India recently warned its citizens to be careful while visiting the country especially the troubled north-eastern region, where a state of emergency had been declared last month.

According to reports, the high commission of India in Nigeria, on its website, urged its nationals living in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states “to weigh their options and consider relocation until the security situation settles down.”

The high commission also urged its citizens making arrangements to visit the three states to consider postponing their visits until security situation settles down.

“Indian nationals who decide to continue living in or visit these states are cautioned to be extra vigilant and take all possible security measures for their protection,” the statement said.

Hindustan, Times reported that the advisory said Indians should not venture outdoors until peaceful conditions have been restored and that in crisis situation they should use a known and reliable local driver or guide knowledgeable about the roads and the security situation in the area.

Indians in Nigeria were also warned to keep their identity papers handy to be shown to security agencies on demand and to remain vigilant and avoid travelling alone, especially during night hours.

“Keep telephone numbers and contact details of your friends, neighbours, the local police station and Indian high commission handy. Keep stocks of essentials goods, including medicines, water, foodstuff and fuel,” the advisory said.

Hindustan Times reports:

The emergency rule had been declared by President Goodluck Jonathan in the three states on May 14 after the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram continued their campaign of terror by killing security, government officials, traditional rulers and civilians.
More than 2,000 persons have been killed since 2009 when terror groups started their activities in the country.
Indian sailors travelling through Gulf of Guinea are specifically cautioned against rise in the piracy in Gulf of Guinea since 2012.
Besides, Indians were asked to reflect in their behaviours the fact that Nigeria was a friendly country.

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