Monday, June 10, 2013

I Will Sue C Ronaldo For Denying He Had Sex With Me - Miss Bum Bum Brazil

Girls can be so mad, gone were the days when ladies preserve their integrity, these days they want to sue your if you deny sleeping with them WTF!!

Model Andressa Urach also known as Miss Bum Bum has sued Ronaldo after the football star denied that heslept with her.

Andressa Urach made headlines around the world on 28th of April after she revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo hadslept with her.

Hours before the story came out Ronaldo via his Facebook and Twitter accounts denied such claims.

The Portuguese star later sued the model in the month of May. Ronaldo claims Andressa Urach is using his name to achieve fame.

The Miss Bum Bum model says she will fight every legal action bro....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Life can be funny!wen cums 2 a case like dis,women can neva stop all dier movie!even if he slept wit her!an so,u enjoyed him an he enjoyed,y spoilin his name!rememba it takes 2 2 tangel

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