Wednesday, June 12, 2013

APAPA FIRE: Traders, plaza owner meet Fashola

Fashola with the traders.

Traders at Speedwell Plaza, Apapa, otherwise known as Trinity Spare Parts Market and the owner of the plaza on Tuesday met Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola.

The governor was at the plaza to assess the extent of damage following an inferno on Sunday, which razed 150 shops in the market.

Fashola, who arrived the market around 11am on Tuesday, met a crowd of people who had lost their means of livelihood to the fire.

After inspecting the damage done by the accident, Fashola told the anxious crowd that the state government would help in rebuilding the facility.

He said, “I sympathise with you all on your loss. We will help you to develop this place again. As the building is, you can see all the irons are no longer in place, and if we put anything on it, as it is, it will collapse.

“So, we need to get a report on the strength of what remains before we can do anything. Some of my officers will have to come and begin work on it. I will instruct the ministry of works to look at it and redevelop it on time for your use.”

The remarks drew cheers and applause from the people.

Fashola however advised the traders to embrace the culture of insurance in order to cushion effect of such material loss in case of eventuality.

He said all marketers in the state must begin to insure their goods, and stop being carefree about the safety of their investments.

Fashola said, “It is only the building that can return, all the spare parts and goods you lost to the fire are irretrievable. And this is why I want all our marketers in the state to begin to insure their goods. Accidents like this happen everywhere in the world, but why you don’t see the people in the developed countries gather like this is because immediately such things happen, they meet their insurance companies.”

The owner of the affected property, Mrs. Mogbo Theresa, told the governor she had the approval for the building, and pleaded with the government come to her aid as it was her only means of survival.

“I have been depending on this facility since I lost my husband a few years ago. I have children and we all need you to please come to our aid,” Mogbo said.

The chairman of the market, Mr. Mike Ekeobi, also pleaded with Fashola to look into the road leading to the market which is in a state of disrepair.

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