Friday, June 28, 2013

Nollywood actress 'Nuella Njubigbo' says what she earns as an actress can fund her expensive lifestyle

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo has been linked to a governor, breaking Chidi Chikere's marriage and recently a footballer. She has denied having anything to do with either. In this recent interview with PM news, she explains how she's able to afford her expensive lifestyle. I.e, the 8million naira SUV she bought a while back

"I can only speak for myself. I have other businesses that I do by the side. But even if it’s just acting, what I earn can actually get me such car and even live well. Those saying all that, I am not sure they have gone to the market to see the number of movies I have done in the last one year. I have done a lot. In January alone I shot five movies. Even if I am paid just N150,000, multiply it by the amount of movies I have done. Now, multiply that with what I will do in an entire year, of course I can conveniently buy this car. It is funny the way people look at us in this industry and think we are poor people. I heard that as at the time Tonto Dike bought her Hummer Jeep, she was charging N400,000 upward. In a month, Tonto can shoot six movies. So multiply that N400,000 by six in a month. Even if she doesn’t have the whole money for the car of her choice, she can deposit half of the money with a dealer and they will give her the car because she is a star. So, people need to understand all this whenever they want to criticize us."

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