Saturday, June 29, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Jay Z disrespects mohammed and islam, stirs a jihad war.

According to reports on Media Take Out, Islamists ain’t gonna find things funny with Jay Z…read reports below.

Jay must REALLY be feeling himself. He’s already BLATANTLY disrespected Christianity with his lyris in the past. And now he’s taken to disrespecting ISLAM. WTF..
You know how Jay Z has a ton of nickmanes – like Jay Hova, Hovito, Young Hov etc . .. well now he ALSO goes by something else . . . spoke with someone who HEARD Jay’s entire album . . . and Jay’s about to cause a STIR!! In his new song “Oceans” featuring Frank Ocean Jay calls himself by a new name . . . “MUHAMMAD HOVA.” Hova is short for “Jehovah” or God. And Muhammad is the Islamic prophet.
So let us get this straight . . . Kanye is “Yeezus” and Jay is “Muhammad Hova” . . . wow!! He better watch himself though . .. those Muslims don’t play when you mess around with Muhammad.

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